Budapest Hostels

David Hasselhostel
If the name, the David Hasselhostel Party Hostel is not intriguing enough for you, then perhaps you will prefer to learn more about this hostel in Budapest that must have the best name to have ever existed for a company. More Info

Big Fish Hostel
The interior of the hostel is just what you would expect with it being bright and breezy which indicates the level of fun and enjoyment that you are going to be able to have during your stay there. More Info

Carpe Noctem Original
The hostel is off the main road which has cafes, pubs, bars, 24-hour shops, restaurants, and clubs. It takes only 10-15 minutes to get from the Airport to the hostel. Should you want to go to these places any time of the day, there are many taxis available to get you to use. More Info

Live! Hostel
There are absolutely no curfews imposed on guests staying at the hostels. You can walk in whenever you wish. You get to enjoy a great time out without fears of getting locked out. The only restrictions are; no smoking allowed and strictly no pets in the hostel. More Info

Grandio Party Hostel
One of the only hostels which serve drinks round the clock, the mood for partying never dies. The bathrooms are newly renovated and are clean. All the common areas of the hostel are regularly cleaned by the staff. More Info